10 years ago, the concept of video games was a mostly private affair. Players would spend hours clicking away to completing quests or slay monsters, while at the same time earning the stigma of being anti-social or “basement-dwellers”. However, like many parts of the economy, technology has fundamentally affected the video gaming world. Where most games were offline in the past, now many have online aspects where players can interact or compete with others.

The Modern Age Multi-Million Miracles

One of the most fascinating results of the growth of technology and video games is the birth of new periphery industries in contrast to just developing and selling games. Streaming, for instance, is now a legitimate career for many individuals, and competitive gaming, or E-Sports, is now a multi-million dollar market and rapidly growing.

However, underneath the growth and change there are still many problems that persist. While streaming allows easier interaction between a streamer and their audience, it also makes it easier for people to post racist or sexist comments. Also, while there is money to be made, there are also questionable practices or legal grey areas that have yet to be settled.

In today’s episode therefore, I talk to my dear friend Zansher Husref, whose background in law and various stints within E-Sports and the gaming community can provide valuable insight. Aside from learning about the technical aspects of streaming or E-Sports, I got to know a perspective from the inside. A perspective that is constantly fighting to prove itself amidst the modern economy. And a perspective that is borne out of battling the laboured stigmas surrounding video games.

Throughout this episode, we talk about the following topics:


– How Zansher got more involved within E-Sports
– How his involvement has shaped his perception as a consumer


– His views of the controversial Jimmy Kimmel clip and why it should
be taken with a grain of salt
– How streamers make a living, or in other words, the value that they
provide to their audience or their sponsors.
– Zansher’s own experience with being a streamer, and what it is like
compared to being a viewer.


– The contrast between E-Sports and traditional sports as a viewing
– That a mismatch between the development of the E-Sports industry
and its legal environment causes many problems
– But why change in the legal aspects of the industry might be
difficult to achieve

The community

– The role of gaming communities within E-Sports and how they
affect the game
– The dark side of the community and how it threatens the legitimacy
of the industry
– Whether or not developers should tend to every issue that the
community brings up

Again, thanks to Zansher Husref for being an amazing guest on the show. If you wish to learn more about him you can check out his writings at www.zansher.wordpress.com.


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