Have you ever wondered why healthy foods such as salads or organic food are so costly? I mean they’re just vegetables and sauce, how expensive could they be? So are these foods actually overpriced or is there some underlying justification for it?

In today’s episode, special guest Ramesh Kumar – food researcher and admin at the popular Food Myths and FSTAN facebook pages – and I discuss the underlying economics of healthy foods. From discerning what actually counts as healthy foods to uncovering food trends and the marketing and misinformation that exists in the digital age, this is one topic you wouldn’t want to miss.

In today’s episode, we discuss the following issues:
  • A brief look into Ramesh’s background and career choice
  • How being a food researcher affects his consumption
  • Why Ramesh runs the Food Myth and FSTAN Facebook pages
  • What makes healthy food healthy
  • How much of the claims health food trends such as organic foods, detox water, or cleansing juices are due to marketing, and how much are actually justified
  • The ease in which the digital age spreads misinformation, and why nutritional science matters
  • The various factors that goes into the price of healthy food, such as research, certification, consumer education, and marketing.
  • Why a salad prepared at home and one sold at a salad bar are 2 entirely different products.

Much thanks again to Ramesh for being a wonderful guest on the show. If you would like to learn more about what he does or to ask him some questions about food, you can go to the Food Myths Facebook page to reach out.

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