In today’s episode we go through the storied career of billionaire superman Li Ka-Shing, and pluck out some key insights that has contributed to his wealth and success. From working 100hr weeks as a teenager to leading a gargantuan conglomerate that employs over 300,000 people, Li’s story and the lessons it bears will be sure to inspire you.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about:

Segment 1 – Childhood and individuality
  • How Li lived in poverty growing up
  • The event that set his motivation for his future
  • How Li shows that even the most difficult situations can be bettered by individual will and effort
Segment 2 – Early career and attitude
  • Why Li had to work 16 hour days for 7 days a week
  • The attitude and effort that provided the foundation for his success
  • How success requires action and initiative
Segment 3 – Cheung Kong and managing failure
  • The major setback to Li’s business early on and how he responded to it
  • How his response contributed to a future success
  • Why his actions are embedded in the company’s name of Cheung Kong
Segment 4 – Further expansion and management style
  • How Li shifted towards property development, and the massive ambitions he had
  • Why challenging the giant british conglomerates was almost impossible
  • The management secret that has contributed to the success of his massive company.

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