Hey listeners, so I’d like to take this moment to make a quick announcement. I’ve been doing this podcast thing for over a year now, and while it has its hits and misses, I still feel like there’s a lot more that I can do with the show. And certainly, from a personal standpoint, I think that the Economical Rice Podcast is still far from what I had in mind when I started out. That is why, as you might have noticed, I’ve started trying different things with the past few episodes, throwing in cold opens, messing around with the production, adding a bunch more music, trying to narrate with a more professional sounding, documentary-like voice, and you know generally trying to improve the product.

Truthfully speaking, there was a period in late 2017 and early 2018 when I was juggling with several different responsibilities and ended up shoving the podcast to one side. Lately however, I’ve set up and met a group of local podcasters from Singapore that has just lit some sort of fire under me; you know, all of us are out here busting our asses, doing our thing and trying to make podcasting relevant here. Some of us have been doing it for years and years while others are still relatively new but are pushing the envelope and challenging the boundaries of what independent producers can do in such a tiny market like Singapore.

This incidentally, also happens to be one of my main goals in starting this project in the first place: to build and promote the local podcasting scene so that I and many others can enjoy the  wonderful benefits that this medium has to offer. Because you know after all, podcasters, if anything, are also huge fans of the medium. And while its really really encouraging to see new faces coming up with different styles and different content, as well as the mainstream media like the Straits Times or ChannelNewsAsia producing their own podcast content, Singapore is such an incredibly rich tapestry of you know culture, food, people, and experiences, that I think could make for some absolutely incredible content on a platform such as podcasting.

On this front, this announcement pertains to a side project that I’ve put aside for a while now. On the website, if you go over to the blog section, you will notice a series of articles titled the podcast spotlight. The idea behind it was simple, introduce 2 or 3 new podcasts and share whats so great about them. It broadens the perceptions of what podcasting can be when its taken to the limit with shows such as Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History or Radiotopia’s Song Exploder, while also offering an opportunity to shine a spotlight on our local producers such as my friends at the Longkangkitties or the Last King podcast.

Given the new community that we’ve set up, this I think, will be a perfect time to bring it back, except now in podcast format. The premise is really simple, invite a guest on the show, talk a little bit about their background and what they’re up to, and get them to share and discuss 2 different podcasts and a particular episode from each one. This will be run as a side series and if it goes anywhere, then I’ll consider publishing it as a standalone show.

As for the main series on the Economical Rice Podcast, I’ll be looking to buckle down and specialize on the more sort of documentary/narrative style. I’ve played around with many different formats including full interviews and monologues and while they’ve been fun, I think this is the direction that I’m more passionate about and that I’d like to see the podcast heading towards. So yeah, you can look forward to more stories and pieces such as the one on  Toys ‘R’ us, SMRT, Li Ka-Shing, or Ben Davis. And not to disappoint, but the last oBike episode will probably be the only time you ever hear me say bullshit on the show ever again.

And last but not least, to everyone who’s cared enough to click play on the Economical Rice Podcast, thank you thank you thank you. I know that the audience is still small and that this isn’t really saying much, but I truly and honestly appreciate the support. This is a wake up call for me to do better and I can’t wait to share more incredible grains from our uniquely Singaporean society. To better times and better content ahead, happy listening.


Shows mentioned

Panoply’s Revisionist History – hosted by Malcolm Gladwell

Radiotopia’s Song Exploder – hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway

The longkangkitties podcast

The Last King podcast

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