Welcome to the inaugural podcast episode of this side series, the Podcast Spotlight. In this episode, we talk with Jon Wang of the LongKangKitties Podcast as he introduces the following 2 podcasts:

Podcast 1: The Dick Show

The Dick Show is a talk show featuring the main host Dick Masterson and his many varied guests. The topics vary and the community is heavily involved in the show, especially through segments such as ‘things that make you rage’, or through fan-made music. Listen to this if you love the unscripted talk show format or if you’re not looking for anything too serious.

DO NOTE HOWEVER, that the topics and language are unfiltered and that this may not be suitable for listening at work, except perhaps at a very low volume. You have been warned.

Links and accompanying materials discussed are linked below:

Podcast 2: Some Scuffs

Some Scuffs is a narrative-driven podcast produced by Singapore’s Davelle Lee that aims to deal with her own experiences with anxiety. The show regularly includes lessons on psychology, and touches on topics from texting to ‘yogaphobia’ to issues of personality. Listen to this if you’re interested in a well-produced, narrative-style podcast, or if you’re interested in how psychological theory plays out in real life.

On top of this, she also has a series called ‘nobody cares’, in which she discusses obscure topics with her brother, Ethan Lee. Notably, sound design for the podcast is done by her other brother, Lee Zhe Ren. It’s pretty much a family show.

Links and accompanying materials discussed are linked below:

Other podcasts or episodes mentioned:

Music by Pandrezz: Takin’ you for a ride

Once again special thanks to Jon Wang for agreeing to come on the show. Do check out his podcast, the Longkangkitties.

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