Welcome to the 2nd podcast episode of this side series, the Podcast Spotlight. In this episode, we talk with graphic designer and long time army friend of mine, Assyaraf Johari, as he introduces the following 2 podcasts:

Podcast 1: Freakonomics

The Freakonomics podcast is a show which discusses socioeconomic issues for a general audience. The show is spun-off from the wildly popular book of the same name released in 2005. Journalist Stephen Dubner, one of the co-authors of that book, hosts the show, while the other co-author, economist Steven Levitt, is a a regular guest.

The show is mostly narrative-driven, with host Dubner introducing a question before exploring different ways to answer that question. It is not so much about graphs and theorems, but rather about how investigating how economics play out in real life. Listen to this if you love high production infotainment podcasts. This is one of the best around.

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Podcast 2: Tides of History

Tides of History is a narrative-driven history podcast presented by academic and former journalist, PhD Patrick Wyman. The show is in partnership with Wondery, a podcast stable from the United States.

Notably, the podcast looks at two periods in depth, the end of the Roman Empire between 300 and 600 and the rise of the modern world between 1350 and 1650. It explores various facets of life such as society, the state, trade, and how they came to be. Listen to this if you are a history buff or if you are generally curious about the foundations of society.

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Once again special thanks to Assyaraf Johari for agreeing to come on the show. You can find him on Facebook, or Instagram.

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