In part 2 of this special feature on Olivia Lum and Hyflux, we cover the incredible fall of one of Singapore’s most cherished entrepreneurs. While most of the attention is focused on the poorly performing Tuaspring plant, there is actually a deeper issue. One that concerns the fabled founder Olivia Lum, and her incessant need to save the world through water. This is a story about a water treatment company for sure, but its main theme is about ambition. A timeless tale for a modern setting, and one that whose fallout is only just beginning.

P.S. I go through plenty of technical details in this episode while trying to balance out the storytelling aspect. Let me know if it works.

P.P.S. Fun fact: I tried to interview Tom Freyburg, a trade journalist in the water industry, to talk about Olivia Lum and Hyflux but was turned down due to time constraints. Turns out he’s got some interviews on Youtube and they’ve made it into this episode. Funny how things work out sometimes huh?

Click here for part 1 of the Olivia Lum and Hyflux story.

Image credits goes to Katrin Auch Photography, which you can find here.



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How Hyflux was brought down by its ambition

Can Hyflux find a ‘white knight’ to steer it out of trouble?

Waterworld’s Tom Freyburg interview with Hyflux’s Sam Ong

President’s Speaker Series: Olivia Lum


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