Just a brief update to let you guys know whats coming in October, and the announcement of Singapore’s very first Podcast Podluck!


10th November 2018, 6:30pm

34 Cassia Crescent, Singapore 390034



Hey guys, Danny here. So, this is gonna be another short update episode, similar to the one I did about 2 months back at the start of August? Anyway, so things have been pretty interesting. Since I made that announcement I’ve released 3 episodes on the main show, the one on Hibiki and the 2 part feature on Olivia Lum. It was really fun to get a lot more production and music work done with those episodes and if you liked that kind of style then I’ll be producing more of them in the future for sure. For October however, I’ve got another 2 main show releases planned, and these will be in a different style again. I’ve been interacting alot with the local podcasters and they’re exposing me to all these different kinds of formats and ideas, which I think could make for some great content for you guys. So yeah, keep a lookout for that.

Also, speaking of exposing to new ideas, the podcast spotlight is up and running. The first 3 episodes had slightly dodgy audio quality which I take full responsibility for not putting the right settings on my skype recording software. But it’s been a blast, there’s 4 episodes up on that series and there will be another 2 planned for October as well. The show functions just how I intended it to, it gives me breathing room to work on episodes for the main show, but also allows me to put out different content whilst bringing up and talking about different podcast shows. So if you’re new to podcasting, or you want to discover more shows, or you just want to hear podcasters talk about podcasting, then definitely check the series out. And on that note I would also like to thank my lovely guests again for taking the time to come on, Jon, Assyaraf, Josiah, and Davelle, and in October there’s gonna be one with Raven Lim, a veteran podcaster who’s been doing this for a looong time, and who’s gonna blow your mind with the cutting edge of podcasting, as well as Ling Ling of the amazing Leaders of Learning podcast, which is no.1 in iTunes in several south east countries by the way. So, again, keep a lookout for that.

So, next up. I just want to let you guys know of something exciting that the local podcasting community have planned in November. We are organising something called Podcast Podluck, it will be a simple social event where you bring some food, drink some beer, get to know new people, and have a good time! It’ll be held on Saturday, 10th of November from 6:30pm onwards at this cozy little bar at 34 Cassia Crescent. Fun fact: this is where the dashing Jon Wang of the longkang kitties took me on our first date back when I barely knew anyone else in the scene, and we’ve held 2 other gatherings just amongst the podcasters and I can tell you it’s been a whole lotta fun. So please, please, please, if you got nothing going for that date and if wanna meet some really really cool people, then please come on down. I’ll leave these details in the description, as well as a link to the Peatix page where you can sign up for the event.

And last but most definitely not least, I just wanna give a shoutout to the podcast sg facebook group. We’ve had quite a number of new faces since it started out in July or so, and I am so stoked to see new people coming up and producing content and sharing their stories through this wonderful wonderful format. And I am excited to see where this leads.

Alright, so that’s it from me today, to summarize, there’s gonna be 2 main episodes and 2 podcast spotlights coming up in October, we’re gonna host a potluck in November so please click on the link and sign up for that, and of course, the podcast sg people are freaking wonderful and I love how everyone is contributing to the growth of the scene, keep it up. To better times and better content ahead. Happy listening.


Matt Quentin – Sky Blue

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