This episode marks the podcast’s first foray into Audio Drama. Much thanks goes to Raven Lim for introducing me to this wonderful sub-genre of podcasting.


Choices are a part of everyday life. They permeate our meals, our travels, and even our work. But what’s unavoidable is that some choices will be harder to make than others, and when it comes to the pursuit of your passions, it is perhaps one of most difficult choices of all.

How common is it to hear of people giving up on their dreams, or feeling unfulfilled at work? And why do some take that risk to pursue their dreams, while others slave away?

In today’s episode, we will be exploring these themes in a previously untried format – Audio Drama. The scene is a short interview for an entry level insurance agent position, and is an adaptation of a story written by Zander Widjaja.

I hope you enjoy.



  • Screenplay is adapted from “The Insurance Lady”, a story written by Zander Widjaja and published on the medium page Speak.Local.
  • Mr.Tan / Interviewer is played by local artist Dan Wong, who runs A Good Citizen, and is part of the podcast The Longkang Kitties. Dan was also kind enough to allow us to record in his studio.
  • Ms.Julia Ang / Interviewee is played by freelance writer Davelle Lee, who hosts the podcast Some Scuffs, a show about how to deal with social anxiety. Davelle will also be manning a social anxiety blanket fort installation at the upcoming Conscious Festival on Nov 3-4.
  • My Father is a Liar“, the Thai ad mentioned in the closing comments, which incidentally, happens to be from an insurance company.



Blue dot sessions – lemon & melon

Ambient room noise – sound from

Ben Rath – Innate Value

Birocractic – Belly Breathing

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