The enormous potential of big data has potentially enormous consequences. In this episode, we mine the data to find out why.

This episode was made possible with the help of:

  • Kenneth Cukier – Journalist and Senior Editor at the Economist, you can find his incredible TED Talk below:


What is big data? A super simple explanation for everyone.

Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

Shoeonhead Candid Ad

SOTT Exclusive: Candid App – The anatomy of censorship and the genesis of Big Brother

Candid is Worse than I initially thought.

YouTube’s BetterHelp mental health controversy, explained

When Facebook and Instagram Think You’re Depressed

When BetterHelp found itself in a YouTube controversy

Music (in chronological order of appearance):

[Lee Rosevere – Let’s start at the beginning]

[Podington bear – good times]

[Lee Rosevere – Southside]

[Lee Rosevere – decompress]

[David Szesztay – Above Us 2]

[Blue Dot Sessions – Toothless Slope]

[Blue Dot Sessions – Margerie]

[Blue Dot Sessions – The Spinnet]

Ending credits music by:

[Flamingosis – Flight Fantastic w Birocratic]

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