Family businesses are important to any economy, but they rarely last beyond the 2nd or 3rd generation. In this episode, we talk to a family business expert and failure to understand why.

Tune in to find out more.

This episode was made possible with the help of:

  • Rochelle Clarke, founder and CEO of Succession Strength, a company which aims to help family businesses and entrepreneurs transition between generations.

You can find the link to the succession assessment survey, and the other products that Sucession Strength offers, at

Also, you can find Rochelle’s book, The 5 Critical Succession Conversations, here.

  • Jerry Teo, freelance illustrator

Jerry is also a host of the Singapore-based podcast Longkangkitties, and the creator of the Rex Regrets comics, which you can find here.


Blue Dot Sessions – Even Dreams of Beaches

Doctor Turtle – Today’s Special: Jam Tomorrow

Blue Dot Sessions – Sage the Hunter

Blue Dot Sessions – Lathe

Blue Dot Sessions – The Green Room

Our feature track for this episode is:

Myriam Gendron – Solace from the Mama Bird Recording Co. family of artists.

Many thanks to label manager Vincent Bancheri for granting permission.


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