Welcome to the 11th podcast episode of this side series, the Podcast Spotlight. In this episode, we talk with Anngee Neo, freelance artist, design teacher, and co-host of the Singapore based podcast Longkang Kitties

After 10 episodes of the series, we are moving ahead with a different format: Hour long episodes, 1st half guest background (and discussion about their podcast), 2nd half podcast recommendation.

Anngee Neo

Anngee is quite the character, and it was fun picking her brain as we jumped from topic to topic during the 1st half of this episode. We talked about her experience as being the only female on a podcast with 3 other males, shared stories about education in Singapore, and touched on her curious fascination with fish. 

It was a really enjoyable conversation, and I am grateful to Anngee for opening up and sharing her story. You can find some of her fantastic work here, while you can follow her on Instagram at @illobyanngee.

Critical Role

In this episode, Anngee introduces us to the weird and wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons podcasts with Critical RoleThis is one of the better known series in the genre, led by the brilliant Matt Mercer, and features voice actors in its cast of players.

It is sprawling, expansive, and immersive. Full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, tangents and through-lines; it really makes for quite the unique listening experience. A testament perhaps, to the simple power of words and our imagination. Just make sure you have 5 hours to spare to listen through each episode.

Episode: Vox Machina EP. 26 – Consequences And Cows

Music by Pandrezz: Takin’ you for a ride

Once again special thanks to Anngee Neo for taking the time to come on this episode. With this episode, the Economical Rice Podcast has now collaborated with each of the 4 hosts of the Longkang Kitties podcast. Fitting perhaps, considering how they were the first friends of the show in this tiny growing niche of ours. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience engaging and getting to know them, as well as the many friends through our community at Podcast SG. I very much look forward to many more collaborations ahead as we carve our own little space into the ears and minds of Singapore’s airwaves.

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