Bubble tea has had many twists and turns in its storied history within Singapore. In this episode, we leave the studio, drag 2 people along, and in the name of culinary cultural education, consume a month’s worth of sugar in one afternoon.

Tune in to find out more.

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This episode was made possible with the help of:

  • Devin Karan

  • Effy Yu

Bonanza hit list (in chronological order)

  • Tea Valley – Mango Pearl
Image credit: meryl-lpy.blogspot.sg
  • Sweettalk – Strawberry Milk Tea
Image credit: specificgravity.tumblr.com
  • KOI Cafe – Pearl Milk Tea
Image credit: phnompenhpost.com
  • Playmade – Tieguanyin Milk Tea with Chrysanthemum Bubbles
Image credit: livingnomads.com
  • Woobee – Herbalmint Milk Tea (Pei Pa Koa)
Image credit: greatdeals.com.sg
  • Bobbi Frutti – Mermaid’s Tears
Image credit: Eater.com


National Library Reference

Bubble tea: How did it start?

Bubble tea is 25 years old in S’pore



10 New Bubble Tea Options In Singapore That Are Not Gong Cha Or Koi

Bobii Frutti



Broke for Free – Add And

Our feature track for this episode is:

Broke for Free – The Gold Lining from the album Gold Can Stay.

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