Welcome to the 13th podcast episode of this side series, the Podcast Spotlight. In this episode, we talk with Tim Gibson, a lawyer, former broadcast journalist, and host of the U.S. based podcast The Cabinet

It was really quite insightful talking to Tim. And perhaps from his background doing broadcast journalism, you could easily sense the passion that he puts into his work on The Cabinet podcast. In his view, he wasn’t interested in just making informational content or reading off of scripts as he used to do but instead wanted to build pictures, immerse the audience, and tell stories in a way akin to television for the mind. And this much is obvious from episodes such as Wolf of the Wasteland, which takes an internet rumor and paints a brilliant soundscape, rich with voice acting, sound effects, and a wholly immersive environment; while standout Wii Wee talks of a cautionary tale about the pursuit of material items for our loved ones amidst radio clips and unsettling music beds. These are episodes created with much detail, attention, and passion – and it is definitely worth a listen. Do check it out.


In this episode, Tim introduces us to Lore, an “award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories”. According to their website, Lore examines the “darker side of history”, but unlike similar narrative shows within the genre, host Aaron Manhke often abstracts from the story, poking at the underlying meaning of these tales, and what they say about society as a whole. These are prominent in episodes such as Disappointment or Carried Away, as well as on The Collection, which we talked about during the episode. If you’re a fan of urban legends, creepy tales, ghost stories, and the supernatural, then you should definitely add this show to your listening list.

Episode: Episode 106 The Collection

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Special thanks to Tim Gibson for taking the time to come on this episode. I had a blast talking to Tim about his background and how he crafts his show, and frankly speaking I was kind of surprised. Instead of the serious, brooding, and grim persona that narrates The Cabinet, who I ended up talking to was a warm, gregarious, and earnest individual. Over the course of my time as a podcaster, I have time and time again come across people that I would have never expected to talk to, and from the point of view of a Singapore native interested in economics and a West Virginia native interested in spooky internet stories, this was undoubtedly one of those moments. 

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