Finding meaning and purpose in your life can be difficult. What else can get you through those long hours at school or work, and what else can keep you going day after day. In Singapore however, we have cultural and institutional devices that aid in this regard, a hodgepodge of ideas that is perhaps best represented by the colloquial notion of the Singapore Dream. Get good grades, become a doctor or lawyer, buy a HDB, raise a family, obtain the 5Cs, and so on.

But pursuing the Singapore Dream is not without its own trade-offs. And after spending most of your life chasing after someone else’s dream, there comes a point where doubt creeps in, and you start to ask yourself Is it really worth it? 

In this episode of the Economical Rice Podcast, we take a break from the conventional narrative interview format, and reflect on our paths in pursuit of the Singapore Dream. 

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Whose dream is it anyway?


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Emily A. Sprague – A Slow Dream

Emily A. Sprague – Meeting Again

Silent Partner – Sunday Drive

Silent Partner – Get Back Up

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