Hey guys, Danny here with another quick announcement for the Screwed Up Moments Podcast.

So, 2 things: the full trailer is now live on the feed. In case you haven’t subscribed or followed please do, like I mentioned in the previous announcement you can listen on basically every podcast app out there. Apple podcasts, spotify, castbox, soundcloud, stitcher, google podcasts, wherever. This project has been a labour of love and I would really appreciate it if you guys could give it a listen and yeah basically spread the word. I will be leaving the link to the trailer in the description so check it out.

Link to trailer: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4H6pbaBfdovMjOdFiPSjFG

Also, we have a launch date for the season. So the pilot episode for the Screwed Up Moments podcast will be released this coming Thursday on the 3rd of October! We are planning to upload this in the middle of the night so that when you wake up, check your feeds, the 1st full episode should already be there for you to listen on your way to work! 

Furthermore, to celebrate this momentous occasion, the good folks over at Happiness Initiative are planning to hold a live Screwed Up Moments session this coming Wednesday, the 2nd of October, from 7 – 9pm at the Red Box right opposite Scape.  This is basically the original live series that inspired the podcast, and there will be 2 new speakers sharing their stories, and I will be there as well, giving a presentation about the whole project. So if you don’t have anything planned for that evening, do drop by and say hello! These live sessions are usually very intimate, very personal, and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the experience. If you are keen on attending and you want to find out more about the event, I will be leaving a link in the description, so check it out!

Link to launch event: https://sum8.peatix.com/

Oh, and I know that these announcement episodes are a little bit annoying but please bear with me, I just want to help this new project get off the ground running, after this announcement I probably wont be sharing stuff about the Screwed Up Moments podcast on this feed anymore, so if you want to keep updated on that you can either subscribe to the channels or follow me or Happiness Initiative on Social Media. And yeah, that’s about it, this has been your host Danny, signing out.

You can check out Happiness Initiative at
www.happinessinitiative.com or @happinessinitiative.sg on instagram.

You can listen to the Screwed Up Moments podcast through these links:

Spotify: open.spotify.com/show/6P1zEbQap9qVIojDY24SA5
Apple Podcasts: podcasts.apple.com/sg/podcast/scre…ts/id1478594702
Castbox: castbox.fm/ch/2322216
Google Podcasts: www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR…0L3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz
Stitcher: www.stitcher.com/podcast/happines…ments?refid=stpr

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