Welcome back to the podcast! In the previous episode we talked about a shift in the direction that this podcast is taking, and this episode is the first step towards that. Since we are still fresh into 2020 and we are still clinging desperately to our New Year’s Resolutions, I figured that I would share mine, which is simply Go and Get Better at Social Media Dude. 

I have long realized that I suck at social media, but since I have resolved myself into the podcasting world, this cannot persist, and through this episode I will be documenting my attempts at driving more likes / engagements / leads / shares / whatever.

Also, because I am so bad at this, I sought some advice from the awesome Lauren Ong (who has her own podcast called #TRYEVERYTHING that I help to produce), who reviewed my social media, gave me some tips, and called my show the cai png podcast.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! I will be sharing my progress and the things I do through this podcast and on my social media pages as well, so do follow if you’re interested, links are below.

P.S. If this episode has somehow inspired you to get better at social media, then tag me, and and we can all try harder together =)

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